UV Ink Solutions

257D General Purpose Ink

  • A premium, competitively priced ink with excellent adhesion on tough surfaces fro example: EVA foam, Polypropylene (PP) with corona treatment, self adhesive vinyl (vehicle wraps) and stainless steel
  • No cold cracking or ink tackiness
  • Achieves fogra colour gamut with only CMYK
  • Highly resistant to scratching and weathering
  • Excellent colour gamut with vibrant colours
  • Available in: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, Light Colours and Bright Yellow
  • Outdoor rating: 5 years

257P UV Ink

Expand your service offering and generate higher profits with new business. No costly investments, just use existing UV printing equipment and reap the rewards.

Sign-tronic’s revolutionary P-Inks inks print on incredibly broad range of substrates like wood, self adhesive vinyl, leather, leatherette, PVC banner, paper and even natural untreated/uncoated fabrics/textiles, like silk, cotton and linen.

Unlike traditional Dye-Sublimation printing our range of P_inks offer fantastic outdoor durability with no fading.

  • Washable and super flexible
  • Water and solvent resistant
  • Prints edge sharp text and logos with excellent color gamut qualities
  • Environmentally friendly with no traditional UV ink smell once cured
  • Cost effective “plug and play” conversion from your existing ink configuration
  • DELIVERY P-Ink CMYK plus White:  5 litre bottles, 2 litre bottles, 1 litre pouches OCE/Fuji, 2 litre pouches OCE/Fuji.