S3 Digital Cutter

Compact, flexible, and economical: The Zünd S3 cutting table is extremely fast thanks to smart technology.




Various Sizes

Precision Cutting

Moular Tools

Modular design for maximum flexibility & speed

Our cutting solutions are well known for their extraordinary modularity. The super-fast S3 line of cutters is no different – it can be changed, expanded, and upgraded any time to meet new requirements with the modular tool and material handling systems. Zünd’s modular design concept lets you customize a cutting solution according to your specific production requirements.


Benefit from the award-winning Colorado image quality and safely rely on its productivity and unsurpassed automation. Meanwhile, your wide application range will astound your customers and help you differentiate from your competitors.

Reinforce your reputation as forward-thinking print provider with a Colorado series large format graphics printer, and confidently accept the most complex roll-to-roll jobs in-house.

User-friendly ergonomics and operation

The construction and design of the S3 are tailored to the needs of our customers. Simple, user-friendly, and ergonomic operations are the result.


Speed through smart technology

The S3 digital cutter is fast. The basis for the S3’s outstanding productivity are intelligent control software, a fast drive system, and cutting technology perfected over many years. Zünd tools optimally designed for use on the S3 complete the system.


Adaptable production processes

The S3 multi-functional cutting system allows for many and variable cutting processes. With the addition of sophisticated material handling solutions, you can increase production capacity many times over.


Best price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio of the S3 cutter series is excellent. Only the most modern technology and highest-quality components are used. The flexibility, reliability, and quality of the S3 cutter cannot be matched by any competitor.


Efficient tool management

Zünd’s distinctive modular design is truly unique and allows you to configure the required tooling in a few quick, easy steps. Our cutting systems are a safe investment and offer maximum value retention.


Choose from 6 different sizes to select the perfect machine for your application.


Width (in mm/in)
1330 / 52
Length (in mm/in)
830, 1230,1630 / 32, 48, 64
Width (in mm/in)
1800 / 70
Length (in mm/in)
1230, 1630 / 48, 64
Extra Large
Width (in mm/in)
2270 / 89
Length (in mm/in)
1230 / 48