There are three primary metrics by which we often measure printers – speed, quality and cost-effectiveness. The SwissQPrint Kudu Flatbed Printer not only meets these criteria but sets new benchmarks in each category, making it a potential game-changer in the industry. 

Technical Specifications at a Glance:

  • Flatbed Size: 3240 × 2030 mm
  • Maximum Clearance: 50 mm
  • Maximum Roll Width: 3200 mm
  • Curing Method: UV LED
  • Colour Channels: Up to 10
  • Maximum Print Heads: 30
  • Visual Resolution: Up to 2540 dpi

With an impressive output of up to 300 square meters per hour, the Kudu doesn’t just boast numbers on paper but consistently delivers. This ensures that businesses can meet their tight delivery schedules seamlessly.

While many printers sacrifice quality in the race for speed, the Kudu is an exception. It offers a maximum resolution of 1350 dpi and a visual resolution up to 2540 dpi. The 10 customizable color channels ensure outstanding color accuracy, and with the integration of proprietary technologies like the Tip Switch Vacuum and state-of-the-art linear drives, precision is guaranteed in every print.

The cost per square meter is a critical determinant in the printing business, and here, the Kudu sets a new benchmark. Its primary production cost is ink, making it exceptionally cost-effective. When you factor in the minimal costs associated with repairs, electricity, and maintenance, it becomes clear that the Kudu offers an economical solution, especially for bulk printing tasks.

The Kudu’s technical capabilities extend beyond its core features. It can adeptly handle a diverse range of materials, from films and banners to mesh and even heat-sensitive materials. This versatility ensures top-notch print quality across various substrates. Additionally, its ability in niche applications like multilayer and relief printing gives it an edge over competitors.

Sustainability is another area where the Kudu shines. Its energy-efficient design, backed by ISO 20690:2018 certification, positions it as an environmentally conscious choice. The minimal waste production and use of eco-friendly inks highlight its commitment to green practices.

To sum it up, the SwissQPrint Kudu Flatbed Printer is redefining standards in the printing industry. By excelling in speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness, it provides businesses with a distinct competitive advantage. For those aiming to lead in the dynamic world of printing, the Kudu is the go-to choice.